Want an easy, effective way to stretch your video marketing reach?

Social media and DIY video marketing are a perfect match for your healthy bottom line. But sometimes it’s a challenge to find time to do it. If you are the chief, the accountant, the sales team, the cook and the bottle washer (or the equivalents for your enterprise) then finding time to create great video content and post it to social media can be a challenge. 

Help is at hand. 
According to a Neilsen study, potential customers are more likely to follow the recommendations people they know and trust. Not actors. Not advertising agencies. Not even you. So who are they most likely to trust? Your customers–everyday people who know and like your brand. Ask your consumers to create video and post video for you. For free.

How do you encourage, entice, and seduce your customers to help you out? How do you ask them to produce and post a video in a way that they will say “YES!”? 

I have had this philosophy for a very long time: 

If I want someone to do something, make it easy for them. 

That means if I want Aurynn to cook for me, I get the groceries, stir the sauce when I’m asked, stay it of her way and/or clean up afterwards. If I want Jane to proof my blog, I offer to screen a video for her. If I want Jesse to massage my back, well, you get the picture…Quid pro quo. 

Everyone and their BFF has a smartphone. 

Rose Terry, of The Innovation Cluster and one of the organizers for Peterborough, Ontario’s e-connect, is a pro at encouraging attendees to promote the event on Instagram and Twitter with the #econnect hashtag. Every event has a fun contest. Twitter birds, fake mustaches, tiaras and other props are put out on every table to stimulate imaginations. The contest increases community awareness and connections, which is what e-connect is all about. And there is always a bit of swag for the lucky winners (one for each social media platform) to take home. 

It’s not about the prizes. 

Many of us are competitive. Bragging rights (with perhaps a “trophy”) and a video to commemorate the occasion are all that are necessary. If you do provide a “trophy” ensure it is representative of your product or service and can be worn, consumed or displayed with pride or fun. I recall winning a draw at a book signing for a Canadian historical novel. Instead of a signed copy of the book I got a dollar store mug and access to 9 holes of golf for two. I don’t even pretend to play at golf. I am happy to get a book, a gift certificate, a sample of a product or service, so offer those. Consumers wouldn’t be competing if they (or the person they came with) didn’t like your stuff!

What kind of contest?

Ask customers to share their favourite flavour, colour, model, memory, insight, toy, look, book, experience, wisdom, rocket fuel, fun, groove, move or socks. It could be directly related to your business. It could be related to a special event or the time of year. Let your imagine fly! Make it fun and easy for them. But the contest criteria must include use of your unique hashtag and your social media handle. 

What other kinds of videos can customers and attendees post?

Simply ask them to tag you or your establishment if they are already creating a Live Instagram, Periscope or Facebook video. If they comment on your hospitality, service or product, ask them if they would mind creating a video testimonial. You may have to do the camera work, but it’s still easier–and often more effective–than doing it all on you own. 

Promote your social media handles and unique hashtag everywhere.
Put them on order forms, emails, stationery, signs, receipts, signage–indoors and out–posters, menus, business cards, email signatures, display screens & monitors, packaging, window clings, handouts, flyers, chalkboards, whiteboards, sandwich boards…make them easy for your consumers to find.

It doesn’t hurt to have and promote free wifi at your establishment and make it easy for them to access the password, if required. 

Even if you are a solopreneur, you can still delegate. Make DIY video content a part of that delegation.


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