What Are Three Simple Skills For Easy DIY Video?

There are three sets of skills required for a successful Do-It-Yourself Video Content Marketing campaign: those of an amateur videographer, those of a computer/internet user and those of a speaker. All require building on skills we already have: taking photos, using the computer and talking. All require a little commitment and practice. None require Stephen Hawkings’s degree of intelligence.

The Big Three Skills (and their tools)

The essence of video:

  •  Having a phone, tablet, camera, and/or computer with video capabilities
  •  Good lighting
  •  A means of keeping the device


  •  A quiet environment

The essence of computer/internet:

  •  Access to reliable high-speed internet
  •  A platform such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter on which to post
  •  Editing software to trim out excess footage, put in text, splice video together

The essence of speaking skills:

  •  An understanding of your target audience and what they need
  •  A message to give said audience
  •  A conversational tone that can deliver that message that begins with an attention grabber, and ends with a smile and a call to action.

I’m hearing “But it’s much more than that”. Yes, yes it is. Just like walking is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Yet most of us do it. Moving from still photographs to video is much like moving from walking to jogging. Most of us can do it. Some of us will even love it. And video has more to love than jogging. Plus it offers many health benefits for our businesses.

Salma Jafri stresses the importance of starting with what you have and then adding as your needs and budget expand. You can watch her (self-made!) video here. Just click on the link:  How to shoot quality videos with your smart phone

Still not ready to plunge into the world of DIY Video Content Marketing? Perhaps fear, particularly fear of failure, is holding you back. That concern will be addressed in my next blog. Stay tuned!

What do you need to create your own video? Let me know!


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