How to Kick-Start Your Imagination for Awesome Video Ideas

Ideas flow from me like water over Niagara Falls. They just can’t be stopped. I know that others are not as inclined to imagination and creativity as I am; genetics has blessed them with other gifts. In this blog I am going to give you some suggestions to kick-start your brain flow for video marketing ideas.

Let’s begin by giving consumers a person glimpse of the person (that would be YOU) behind your products or services. Why are you in this business? What got you started? What keeps you going? What do you find interesting? What makes you mad, sad, glad or scared about your business or about the world? Use video to answer some or all of these questions. Let people get to know you and to trust you.

Every one loves to win. Video and contests are a social media love match. Use social media to Live Stream the announcement of the contest and later the announcement of the winner. You could even use video as an entry requirement and have viewers create video for you. Ask them to create a video about how they use your product or why they need your service then load the video on your social media page. You can judge them yourself or challenge the contestants to collect votes. The one with the most “likes” wins.

What does your business do to support the community? Do you raise awareness or funds or give donations to a particular cause? Why? Do you sponsor a local sports team? How are they doing? Do you go to the games to cheer them on? Record the answer to one or more of these questions. Show your community spirit! Make a video!
Offer up some tips and tricks tricks to help people save time and money. This could be a weekly feature shared as an email blast. People are more likely to open an email that says video in the subject line. If the video email helps your subscribers, they will remain loyal.

How-to videos or video tutorials can be used to show your customers how to use your products and to explain your product’s benefits. They can be used on your website and they can be sent as an after-purchase email thank you.

You can record video interviews with your staff, customers, suppliers and industry experts about what they think is important. Let people know you care about what they think and that you are keeping on top of industry changes that may affect them.
Check out bloggers and vloggers in your field. Give a different spin on the information they provide. If you can’t improve on the information or offer an alternative perspective, use a video to say so and provide the link.

And speaking of links, here a couple that can give you some topic ideas specific to your industry:

Answer The Public   Just type in a couple words into the prompt and it will generate questions that internet users have asked about the topic. All you have to do is create a video to give the answers. If you do not get many questions, change your words. I generated about 20 questions with “video content marketing”. When I removed “content” I got over 80 questions.

Quora   I refer to this site as social media for know-it-alls. And yes, I am a subscriber. You can register and be ready to respond to questions on topics on which you are knowledgable, including your industry. And you can check out the questions people have asked. There are lots of ideas that can be used as a springboard for a video.

The purpose of creating content marking video is to educate, engage and/or entertain your consumers or would be consumers. Nail at least one of these objectives and your video will be golden.

If these suggestions do not get your brain cells churning with video ideas, Email Me and I will put my brain cells to work on your behalf.


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