Six Reasons For Your Floundering Video Marketing Strategy

Video Content Marketing has been a growing trend over the past few years and it is hot for 2017. Shortening attention spans, the rise of ad-blockers and social media are on the short-list of contributing factors. Yet despite the success and prevalence, many are reluctant to embrace video as vital part of their promotional efforts. 

I have taken an informal poll with many entrepreneurs and small business owners in the past few months and here, in no particular order, are the reasons they cite for not using video. I am going to debunk all of them over the next few posts. 

  1. Expense
  2. Lack of Time
  3. Lack of Ideas
  4. Lack of Equipment
  5. Lack of Skills
  6. Fear of Failure

Camera: Almost everyone has a smartphone, a tablet, webcam or camera with video capabilities. And the rare birds who don’t know someone who does. I grew up in the good old days when merely owning a camera was not enough to make photographs. I had to purchase film (black and white!) to go in it and then pay to have it developed. Which took a week. No concept of immediate gratification. The pang of a lousy photo was enhanced by the pang of a wasted money. And I got no allowance (yep, still whining about that). Photography was expensive and amateur video was almost nonexistent. But not now. FREE video is in your pocket, purse, or right in front of you. 

The key is to start taking video the same way you took photographs with your first camera. Forget about what you are recording and even why you are recording it. Just point and shoot. Play! Have fun! Some will be worth posting on you personal Facebook page; some will surprise you and be worth putting on your business website. Some will create a blooper reel that you will either delete or keep extremely private. 

Editing software is available for FREE, too. I will confess to be an Apple* woman–probably a habit born of circumstances rather than insight and I am happy with this. I have access to many fun, serious and seriously fun apps for editing out critical flaws and editing in text and even more video. Most of it is FREE; the rest is very inexpensive. In addition to iMovie, there is Magisto, Animoto, Videorama… I will confess that I much prefer the features of iMovie on my desktop than on my iPad but I will save that discussion is for another post. 
Video Sharing: The computers in today’s smartphones are even more sophisticated than the computers that put dogs, chimps and humans into space. The video capabilities are more than adequate to share your messages with the world. And the world is where you share them. There are so many online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress, Vine, LinkedIn… And all for FREE! Just pick one and go. Consistent posts–consistent in platform, timing and tone–are the key to video marketing success. Doing it yourself makes it affordable.

Are you ready to scratch “Expensive” off your list of reasons to avoid video? What is expensive about FREE?
Check out my next post when I talk about the Lack of Time. 

*I would love to hear about your experiences using Microsoft, Android, etc., platforms, products and apps. Comment below or send an email to


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